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Matt Seward is a singer/songwriter/musician/producer/director/and minister with over 30 years of experience "My debut cd titled "Take Me In" is a culmination of the experiences, inside and outside of the Body of Christ that have helped to form my  life. I have been singing and playing since I was eight years old.

My experiences range from R&B bands in the 70's and 80's
including a period of time on the Motown label and a brief time with
a project on Warner Brothers, to full time music ministry as a Choir director/minister of music/musician and elder for 12 years at New Birth Christian Ministries in Columbus Oh. That's where the call of God was given for me to go, leave the confines of the Church and begin the journey of completing the project that God had put on my heart so many years ago. it was not an easy thing.

Leaving your comfort zone and not knowing what the future holds can be a frightening thing.
But I had an assurance deep down on the inside that the God who called me out, is faithful to keep me and uphold me through any trial and every situation.  That doesn't mean that it was all good times, He never promised me that. He just promised me that whatever I faced in life that I  wouldn't have to face it alone. I have a loving wife (Mary) of 29 years who has been by my side through all the tests of time and a son Matthew (28 yrs old) who is a great musician and singer
in his own right. both have been faithfully in my corner the whole way. Along with God's grace,
I knew that nothing was impossible.

So two years later, I completed the project. I know that sounds like a long time, it is, but it only took that long because I did the whole project by myself. It was God's vision through me. There are 12 songs on the cd. I enlisted the help of 2 keyboardist on 3 songs to assist me. All of the rest of the music, lead and background vocals were done by yours truly. It was hard, but definitely a labor of love.  The style of the songs on this album are from a wide array of musical influences. I wrote them from the well spring of my experiences in music. But just because there are many styles of music, this doesn't take away from the message which is very clear in every song you will hear.

All of the songs deal with my relationship with Christ and the many aspects of it.  Where one song gives praise, another is a testimonial.  One is me talking to God and another is God talking to me.  I didn't
put God in a box and come from one direction, but many. So please listen with an open heart and an open mind and I guarantee you
that you will receive a blessing from the Lord. How do I know this? because he wrote it and ordained it to be just that. A blessing to all
who hear his word in song. God Bless ..... Matt.

Matt's New CD

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