The 2019 Jazz At The Amp
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Outdoor Jazz Series Line-up

Jazz At The Amp will no longer be held at the Westerville Alum Creek Park North Amphitheater.

The Jazz At The Amp concert series was created by SEMM Foundation, owners of Central Ohio's 24 hour Jazz Radio Station, Jazz 98.5 FM, WSAX and owners of the trademarked Jazz At The Amp name.  In 2016, 2017 and 2018, SEMM Foundation and its Jazz radio station organized and presented this spectacular summer Jazz series at the Alum Creek Park North Amphitheater.

A Message from Jazz 98.5 FM, WSAX Management

We wish to thank all of our listeners and supporters that have both supported our station and attended our Jazz At The Amp concerts the past three years. 

Many of our friends, listeners and supporters have encouraged us to speak out about a subject of which for many months we’ve chosen to take the high road and say nothing at all.

This summer in 2019, our organization will no longer present Jazz At The Amp in Westerville.

Since 2016, our non-profit organization, SEMM Foundation, and jazz radio station of dedicated and passionate volunteers, proposed, created, developed, implemented and managed the Jazz At The Amp summer concert series.

It’s often been said that imitation is the best form of flattery.  Based upon the success and national acclaim received by our Jazz At The Amp series Westerville has chosen to exclude us, eliminate our involvement and present a separate jazz series.

We have been contacted by so many people that are either confused; are not aware of our non-involvement or misled to believe we continue to be involved; or have heard of our exclusion and want to take action to show their discontent.

Don't be confused.  If you’re planning to attend this summer’s concert series in support of our station, we will not be participating and therefore, we will not be there.  By attending the new jazz series, you are not supporting us or those truly interested in keeping jazz alive.  While we’re not suggesting you not attend their new jazz series, before attending, perhaps you should ask yourself how much longer should you allow others to take something away from you that you’ve worked so very hard to build, and why should you allow others to benefit from the sweat and fruit of your labor?

Central Ohio’s real Jazz At The Amp concert series will return again in 2020 at a new location.

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