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Saxophonist, composer, producer, and vocalist Eric Darius likes to  play by his own rules. Fearlessly pushing all musical boundaries, he is one of the most exciting musicians to enter the Contemporary Jazz scene  in the last decade. His explosive arrival as a recording artist at the  age of 17 caused a frenzy worldwide! Now, with six critically acclaimed  albums under his belt, a Number One hit single, and Seven Top 10 radio hits on Nielsen’s R&R/Billboard Contemporary Jazz Charts, international recording artist, Eric Darius’ star continues to rise  straight to the top. Prophetically hailed Debut Artist of the Year by Smooth Jazz News in 2004, Eric has shared the stage with innumerable  world renown, Grammy Award-winning artists, such as Prince, Jamie Foxx,  Mary J. Blige, David Foster, Carlos Santana, Babyface, Wynton Marsalis  & George Benson, just to name a few. His music innovatively crosses  over all music boundaries from Jazz, R&B, Hip-Hop, to Pop, creating a  very distinctive, fresh sound and approach that is uniquely his own.


“Artists such as Prince, Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, Michael  Jackson, and Miles Davis have always inspired me because of their  fearlessness to express themselves freely from a musical standpoint and  allow their music to evolve with each album,” states Eric Darius.  Hailing from a musical family with rich traditions in Caribbean music  (his father is from Haiti and his mother is from Jamaica), Eric realized  his calling for music at an early age. “ I remember being nine years  old and hearing a saxophonist play at my church. I instantly loved the  sound…I remember being blown away by the soul and emotion of the  instrument. It was as if I could almost hear the words and lyrics with  each note being played…it was at that point that I fell in love with the  instrument. The saxophone has a way of connecting with people in a way  that no other instrument does. To me, its expressions are closest to the  human voice.” Darius is one of those musicians who was fortunate to  benefit from music programs in the school system.  As a result the young  musician has made it a mission to pay it forward and has spent a  considerable amount of time exposing young students to music in the  public school system with his On A Mission in the Schools campaign. He  shares, “It is important to me that these types of music programs remain  available for children. One of my goals is to expose young kids to  music with substance and to help make them aware that music can be an  outlet for their emotions…that it can be a positive influence in their  lives. By age eleven—after only playing for one year—Eric was chosen to  be in Sonny LaRosa and America’s Youngest Jazz Band, which consisted of  young musicians, ages five to twelve. The group toured the country and  even played at the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.


Throughout Eric’s young but already dynamic career, he’s had the  tremendous opportunity to travel and perform worldwide with numerous  groups. Even as a high school student at Blake High School of the Performing Arts and college student at the University of South Florida  in Tampa, he had the fortune to travel internationally at such a young  age. “My goal is to really help bridge the generational gap and make  music that has infinite possibilities,” concludes Eric Darius.

With the release of Retro Forward, Eric Darius is building bridges,  forging new paths and ensuring that his heartfelt, organic and honest  approach to the music will stand the test of time. Whether he’s being featured on FOX’s hit TV show, The X Factor, or TNT’s hit drama series,  Mob City, Eric’s presence is definitely being felt in the entertainment  world. He continues to be an artist that knows no boundaries and a force  that is unequalled in today’s musical landscape.

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